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Payment Terms

Payment Terms


Agreement to pay:
I (the card holder) who is registering for online pickup and delivery of Dry cleaning and Laundry agree to pay fully for services provided by Country Club Village Cleaners (CCVC).

I give CCVC permission to charge my credit card listed online for all Dry cleaning and Laundry expenses incurred by the card holder registered online. In the case that there are any problems with my credit card or any payments for our services. In the case that there are any problems with my credit card or payments for our services rendered, I agree to pay all collection costs and attorney fees incurred in attempting to collect for payments of the services rendered or delivered for the card holder registered at CCVC.

I certify that I am a legally authorized credit card holder and I am legally authorized to use it. By inputting your credit card info and registering for our services at CCVC, I hereby agree to allow CCVC to charge my credit card on file and I agree to pay the total charge amount according to card issuer agreement.

By registering and signing up at Country Club Village Cleaners portal and website, the registered customer as a signer is authorizing Country Club Village Cleaners to proceed with processing the garments.