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Specialty Cleaning

We do so much more than just Dry Cleaning and Laundry


Need a garment cleaned in a hurry? We can help.

We can help. We offer same day cleaning from Monday to Friday. Drop your garments to our store by 9 am (M-F), and pick them up by 4 pm at no extra charge to you.


Your Rugs are not just a art treasures but also they are very valuable investments.

Area Rugs can sometimes be over looked with Day-to Day living. Vacuuming alone will not keep them at their best, especially with high traffic, kids, and pets.

All Rugs are hand washed, air dried and wrapped. At Country Club Village Cleaners and our trusted partner company, we are experts at cleaning area Rugs.

Whether your Rug is oriental, silk, domestic, shag, cotton, imitation we do a quality job on each of those rugs.

We specializes in pet urine, odor removal, and fiber protections with your Rug cleaning.

We also offer repair and restoration service, including fringe and carpet reweaving as well.

Country Club Village cleaners do offer a FREE Pickup & Delivery for a smaller rugs, and rugs over 5 feet for a nominal pick up and delivery fee.


While sleeping in is a luxury for most, it’s even better when your bed is as comfy as possible.

Bed spreads, comforters, and sheets that are always at their cleanest make you feel even better.

Let us take care of all of your bedding and comforters cleaning such as Featherbeds, Goose, Dawn, or any type of comforters for a fresh new feel.


Did you know that hidden dust, food, and perfume smells can permeate your drapes and become trapped into fabric?

Keep your drapes looking as new as the first time by cleaning them at least once a year. Let us clean your drapes to enjoy for many years to come.


Whether you have planned for your event a long time, or received a last minute invitation, we can help make getting ready for your event.

We know how to clean and press your gown and tuxedo with a delicate hand for the best result.


Why deal with the hassle of doing laundry when you can have our professional staff do it for you?

We will separate whites and colors before washing so you can literally “take load off”.

We neatly fold your items in our carry on bag for easy pick up and put them away faster. All customers orders are Always washed individually, never mixed or washed together with other orders.

We use only Eco-friendly soaps and conditioner.

We offer daily, weekly, Bi-weekly and monthly wash and fold service. We also offer a Pickup and Delivery service as well.


At Country Club Village Cleaners, we are more than a Dry Cleaner…

Got dull knifes or blades? We can sharpen basically any thing you need to have sharpened at a low cost!

Here is a list of some of the items we can sharpen:

  • Any kind of knife such kitchen, chef knives, pocket, or any other blades.
  • Any kind of scissors, nail nippers.
  • Any garden tools such as shears, lawn mower blade, shovels, forks.
  • Any kind of wood working tools.
  • Chain saws.

If you have any other items not listed above and you need to have it sharpened, then please contact us.


Leather and suede garments are unique and requires special cleaning process; this is why you should only trust these special garments to our expert partner.

All leather care includes cleaning and color correctness to keep your garments looking new for many years to come.


Country Club Village Cleaners offers dependable and reasonable cost to repair your luggage and your golf bag.

We specialize in fixing luggage of all brands, so you can trust us to treat your luggage with care and attention it deserve.

Whether it’s zipper need repairing, or it has holes that need patching, we are up to the task. We can fix handles, zippers, wheels, feet, seam and tears, golf bags, ski bags, and many other luggage’s.


Country Club Village Cleaners offers cleaning and restoration services for luxury hand bag and purses.

From everyday handbags to high end leather handbags and purses, we can clean them to keep your investment in top condition.

We can also help you restore an eBAY or second hand find that may need a little TLC to make it look like new again.


We are more than just a Dry cleaner. We offer complete shoe repair service.

Most quality leather shoes are designed to be refurbished. At Country Club Village Cleaners, we take pride in bringing back your favorite shoes to like-new conditions.

We offer everything from heel replacements and custom dye-to match service, to complete inside-and out reconstructions to make any repair of shoes or boots like new again.

New Heels & Soles:

Our shoe repair partner will replace your original rubber or leather heels with the industries highest quality materials. It is our privilege to always re-craft your favorite Foot wear to it’s original feel, style and comfort.


We understand that these garments have a heavy emotional investment attached to them and must treat them with the expert care that heirlooms deserve.

A grandmother’s wedding gown, a baby’s Christensen, a museum quality garment or any garments with many years of age, Country Club Village Cleaners staff are capable to clean and restore them.


At Country Club Village Cleaners, our mission is “making memories”. Your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions because it contains the memories of an important event in your life. We provide the most detail-oriented, expert gown-cleaning and preservation service in entire Tri-Valley area.

Before your wedding, let our seamstress with 20 years plus experience handle the intricacies of your wedding gowns. You can trust our specialist to ensure a prefect fit.

After your wedding we can clean and preserve your gown with meticulous attention to its design. The key to a beautiful cleaning and preserving your gown is to begin the process as soon as possible.

Inspection: Each gown is inspected for damaged treads or loose beading. Hand Cleaning: We hand treat and clean each gown. We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery and lace during the cleaning.

Preservations: We press and package with care so your gown is protected and is ready for future generations. Each gown is packaged with Acid free paper and sealed in a museumquality archival chest. We guarantee our wedding gown preservation for 100 years.