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Why Choose Country Club Village Cleaners

Why choose Country Club Village Cleaners? We are a second generation family operated Dry Cleaners in San Ramon. We have combined of 30 years experience which help us to provide exceptional Dry cleaning quality and customer service.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest:

Spot Removal

When it comes to removing stains, our spot experts including the owners use the latest and most advanced cleaning techniques to remove spots and stains effectively, completely, and safely. We try harder to remove all spots and stains on your garment.

Garment Finishing/Pressing

At Country Club Village Cleaners, providing superior cleaning of your garments is just half of the job. Each garment then receives our extensive finishing and pressing process. Our precision finishing requires hand-pressing craftsmanship on each and every garment.

Personal Care

Not only we know many of our customers by their name, but also at Country Club Village Cleaners impeccable service and a meticulous attention to details is what our customers have used us for the past 20 years. This is a result of numerous check points and inspection carried out through out the cleaning process. Our final inspection we personally inspect each garments to make sure we are following all of your specification and instructions are done and to ensure every garment leaves our store looking impeccable.

Our Guarantee

This is the ultimate bottom line; If there is any aspect of our cleaning or pressing with which you are not satisfied, we will re-clean or re-press the item(s) FREE of charge to you! That is commitment to you.

Superior Quality

As a part of our commitment to you and the environment, we have invested in state-of-art equipments and upgraded our plant with the latest Dry cleaning and laundry technologies to ensure we deliver the highest quality cleaning and finishing on each garment.


Country Club Village Cleaners is Eco-Friendly cleaners and we are committed to the environment, the Mother-Earth and you.

  • We do not use any harmful toxic chemicals in Dry cleaning or Laundry
  • Safe for you and your family
  • Safe for the environment
  • Garments look cleaner, last longer, feel softer, and look brighter
  • No allergic reactions
  • We recycle all hangers

Exceptionally Convenient

Our plant is located in San Ramon and we love to see you at our plant. However, we know you are busy. For that reason we offer absolutely FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY through out Tri-valley area at your house or your office. Simply sign up to get started.

Incredibly Friendly

We engage each customer with a friendly smile and positive greeting. We call customers by the name and show interest in even the smallest details of their lives.

We do what we can to brighten each person daily life.